Do I need a building permit?

We recommend that you consult with your local building inspector, municipal or town office. Permits, whether it be a development or building permit, are typically required.

Am I able to custom design my own building?

We offer several standard package designs; however, we are capable of customizing these designs to meet your needs and objectives.

Whether it is custom designed trusses, variations of metal colours and accessories, or custom windows and doors, we can bring your vision to life in the most efficient and economical manner.

How deep do your posts go in the ground?

Our standard burial is 5′ – 6′ in the ground.

On a tall wall, 20′ taller, 7′ – 8′ in the ground is standard.

Should the building site be leveled?

It is recommended that the site be leveled prior to our arrival. The building will be leveled to the highest elevation following our arrival.

How much access do you need around the building?

We require a minimum of 12′ clearance around the building. This is for machinery access for the building crews.

Can a concrete floor be installed after the building is complete?

Yes, the advantage of a post frame building is that you can install a concrete floor at any time in the future without any design changes.

What size of strapping (purlins) do you use for your walls and roof?

We use all 2×6 #2 and better at 24″ on centre.

Can your buildings handle the snow-load in my area?

Our trusses are designed to handle the snow-load, wind-load and rain-load for your specific location, anywhere in Canada.

Can your buildings be insulated?

Yes, post frame buildings can be insulated and lined at a later date. However, we would need to design the trusses accordingly, at the outset of the project, to allow for the additional weight of the insulation and metal.

What do you use for insulation?

We use either R20 or R28 rolled insulation, depending on the size of the posts.

We use R40 blow-in insulation in the ceiling, unless a higher value is necessary for code requirements.

What do you finish your building interiors with?

The most commonly used product is our white metal. The bright white, maintenance-free product allows for surface mounted electrical, in conduit, allowing for easy future access.

Clean 16 PVC liner is also available. The smooth, bright white, interlocking, maintenance-free product is ideal for wash bays and livestock facilities.

How do you vent the attic space of your insulated buildings?

We use gable vents for all our buildings and add vented closures at the ridge for our insulated buildings.

What size of buildings do you erect?

Our standard buildings are 24′ – 80′ clear span widths and unlimited lengths.

Do you sell just the material packages?

Yes, we will sell just material packages. Please contact a sales representative for current pricing in your area.