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Great Reasons to Buy

  • Roof trusses designed using an appropriate snow, wind & rain load for a specific location
  • #2 and better dried lumber to prevent loose cladding
  • Laminated post, 4, 5, or 6 ply
  • 29 gauge steel provides a yield strength of 80,000 PSI
  • 40 Year warranty on metal cladding

Our experienced team has solid, proven construction backgrounds to ensure your needs are understood and met.

Leasing available through National Leasing

The Stongest Posts, Industry-Wide.

Everything you need, the quality you expect…built to last.

Many years ago, the Western Canadian landscape was changed with the introduction of post frame buildings. These buildings offered farmers a new, economical storage method.

Post frame construction has come a long way since that initial design. Our post frame building process is proven to be one of the most durable and efficient building systems for a wide variety of building types, shapes and uses.

At McMunn & Yates Building Supplies, we can make just exactly what you need. Bring us your design or choose from our selection of styles. No matter what your storage requirement is, we’ve got a building for you.

No job is too big for our experienced crews. Commercial, industrial and agricultural structures are all part of our quality construction program. Our line of post frame buildings is as diverse as your needs. From cold storage to airplane hangers to hay storage, McMunn & Yates Building Supplies can build the structure you want, when you want it and on your budget.

Our experienced building professionals are here to help you.

Our professionals are passionate about servicing the needs of our customers. Our proven expertise and collaborative approach allows us to provide a higher level of service on projects of all sizes. To meet our customers’ needs in a timely way, the team at McMunn & Yates Building Supplies is empowered to make decisions.

To effectively deliver our buildings on time, on budget and with quality workmanship, we build smarter. Our experienced team of salespeople, crews and engineers work together, offering reliable quotes and creative solutions to maximize your resources without sacrificing quality. And with crews and sales people throughout Western Canada, we offer local, easily accessible service – just a phone call away.

Flexible Style. Customized Design.

Building what is right for you.

Our buildings can be designed to meet almost any of your needs. The key to designing your project is listening to your concerns and objectives. This is the only way to ensure a plan truly matches your needs. Our experienced salespeople will work with you to make certain your design comes to life in the most efficient manner. Popular uses of our buildings include:


  • Commercial and municipal buildings
  • Machine sheds and Insulated shops
  • Equestrian buildings and Barns
  • General agricultural storage buildings
  • Cattle shelters
  • Hay sheds
  • Grain storage buildings
  • Airplane hangars
  • Oilfield buildings

Energy Efficient.

Based on practical applications, McMunn & Yates Building Supplies Post Frame Buildings are designed to be easy to insulate to high-energy efficient standards. Our customized design ensures a total layer of insulation resulting in energy saving for the life of your building.

Our buildings are designed to boost your productivity and reduce your costs on storage, commercial, agricultural use, and any additional costs your building plan may involve. They come complete with full trim packages and pre-finished walk-in doors.

Engineered Quality.

Strength, dependability and endurance are just some of the terms used to describe our buildings. The unparalleled level of confidence in our post frame construction starts with professional engineering to guarantee the structural integrity of your building. If you are looking to build commercially, we also ensure that your structure adheres to both provincial and local codes.

Laminated Posts

The structural integrity in our buildings starts with our posts. Each engineered post section is laminated with the bottom section pressure treated for 6′ burial and extends to a minimum of 2′ above finished grade, factory assembled to ensure longevity. (Post capacity determined by research conducted by Building Alternatives Inc. at the University of Manitoba in accordance with ASAE guidelines).

Metal & Trims

Our buildings are built with 29 gauge full hard metal with 80,000 PSI high tensile and a 40 year limited warranty. Matching optional trims protect your structure while adding to its attractiveness. Numerous colour options available.

Roof Purlins

We use a stronger roof purlin system than many others 2″ x 6″, 2′ on centre providing for increased sturdiness.


If you want to insulate your building project, walls can be insulated up to R28 and ceilings up to R50 as an option. When you purchase an insulated building, the interior walls come metal lined with vapor barrier.



One of your options on an uninsulated building includes a clear ridge light that sits on the peak allowing natural light throughout your entire building. Optional polycarbonate clear panel are available on the sidewalls.


Our walls are built for resilience with 2″ x 6″ strapping that is placed 2′ on centre forming a rigid wall system.

Interlocking Trusses

Our engineered trusses feature an interlocking, notched system that is securely fastened into two posts for added durability by evenly transferring weight to each post. Custom engineered trusses, built in our own state of the art plant, assure you the best value in post-frame building today. They are designed using an appropriate snow, wind & rain load for specific locations.


Sliding or fixed dual pane windows are available as an option in various sizes.




We offer the best of commercial, agricultural and residential doors. Your experienced sales person will help you determine which door type is best suited for your needs and help with door placement. Your options include: Overhead Doors Our overhead doors are recommended for insulated buildings. They come in sizes up to 40′ wide, R18 insulation and have an optional electric operator. Bi-Fold Doors Our 24′ to 70′ bi-fold doors are well suited for moving large equipment in and out of your building. Sliding Doors Our popular metal-framed sliding doors are customized for each building. Walk-In Doors Steel walk-in doors come insulated and can be purchased in sizes in 3′ or 4′ wide.